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July 2011  

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07:02pm 04/07/2011
Questions, comments or concerns with the way I play ol' Toasterface? Leave me a comment here, or feel free to contact me via email or IM.

Anon is enabled and all that jazz.
tags: !hmd, !ooc
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IC Inbox (soul_campaign)  
06:59pm 04/07/2011
"This is Godot. But only the pathetic call out without knowing who answers. That's one of my rules. Leave a message and I'll get back to you when it suits me."
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Application and Info for soul_campaign  
12:54am 21/06/2011


Name: GG
Age: 24
Timezone: Mountain (GMT-7)
Personal Journal: ggmoonycrisco
Contact Information:
Instant Messenger: FullArmoredGG (AIM)
Email: theggning@gmail.com


When I'm awake I need your poison kisses to fall back in a living dreamCollapse )

Weapon and Soul InfoCollapse )
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Application and Info for xi_rpg  
05:52pm 16/12/2009
Here is Godot's application and profile information for xi_rpg.

All entries below this one are relevant to daisychainrpg.

Player InfoCollapse )

He had a love, it was keeping him alive. It was someone else ago...Collapse )
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Application/Old Profile Info for daisychainrpg  
07:39pm 14/12/2009
Just because you've forgotten doesn't mean you're forgivenCollapse )
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(no subject)  
07:57pm 19/08/2009
The 505 on West 47th

It's Hawthorne.

Pearl and Maya are there. I'm going now. Somebody hurry there as fast as you can.
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01:43pm 14/06/2009
I am normally the type to ramble a bit, but this morning I find I've got surprisingly little to say. Maybe there's something in my coffee or maybe I'm just in a quiet sort of mood, but I think I'll just get to the point today.

Now hiring able-bodied individuals for a variety of different odd jobs. All interested parties please inquire within.
mood: crypticcryptic
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07:13pm 25/05/2009
Life is but a series of meetings and partings. A cup of coffee to greet the day, a cup before bed, hot, cold and bittersweet, but always distinctive.

One day you will drink your last of your favorite flavor, down to the last drop. Perhaps someday you and her will meet, pass each other by at a sidewalk cafe. Perhaps you'll never quite perfect her again, where she'll live in your memories, an aroma that taunts you to the day you breathe your last. A gaze into the bitter black future gives no clues. The darkness ahead is daunting and cold. Day may never break.

There is nothing but a gleam of light to guide you.

We are all ships lost at sea, searching for that light, that hope that may someday bring us safely to shore. We wander, aimless on dark oceans, for something we may never find.

But as long as a star shines in that black sky, we wander.

Excuse the tangent. I will be a more familiar face around this little piecemeal city of ours in the days to come, so perhaps it's appropriate I reintroduce myself for the benefit of all our newer citizens.

Diego Armando, attorney at law.
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On igloos  
10:24pm 17/05/2009
Daunting, isn't it? A hopelessness so great that human will itself seems entombed in the ice and the darkness. One match can't set the melting by itself-- and though one match on a raging fire seems insignificant, in every head there lies the spark to start its own. Cool heads, hotheads, many burn as one, and soon enough, there's a drops of water on your mukluks. A light in the blackest of nights. A sizzling drop on the bottom of the coffeepot.


I suppose this would be a roundabout way of saying... well done.

To those who've undergone trials, rest well. You can never really tell which sip might be your last.

[Private to Harry Dresden]

Seems I owe you yet again, amigo.

[Private to Molita]

I hear you were on the front lines. How'd that go?

[Private to Mia]

I could stand to be domestic as long as you need me to. Just let me know if you need anything-- and I mean it, my independent little kitten.
mood: calmcalm
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[Private to Mia / Unhackable]  
10:42pm 01/05/2009
We may speak of monsters and demons, but the greatest foe is always time. Time, we've already faced once before. Five years, in fact... and compared to that, this is nothing, kitten.

I'll get you all back here if I have to row a boat out there myself.

Are you still all right?
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